How to install the Android App

Here you can download an app to use Don't Forget It...! on an Android tablet or Android mini PC. It only makes sense to download the app on an Android tablet, mini PC, etc.

What else do you need?

First of all, you need an Android device such as an Android tablet or an Android mini PC. The app runs exclusively on Android version 4.0 or higher, so your Android device must comply with that.

Of course you need a Don't Forget It...! account.

You probably already have it, otherwise you can create it here. You can try Don't Forget It...! for free.

If you ordered a tablet via Don't Forget It...! then the app is already pre-installed. In that case, turn your tablet on to check if it is connected to the Internet. You can get started right away and do not need this manual anymore.

However, if you have bought or own a tablet yourself, then below you will find out how to proceed.

In your Don't Forget It...! account, you will need to create an Android tablet or TV-stick type device. This is done under Device Manager. You will then be asked for an APP code by clicking on the word 'Request'. A four-character code, a horizontal stripe and four more characters appear. Write down that code.

Turn on your Android device and make sure it is connected to the Internet.

Make the following settings on the Android device on which you want to install the App:

In the Settings, make sure that the Android device does not enter Sleep mode. This way you can prevent the Android device from turning itself off after a few minutes.

    Settings > Display > Drag > Never

Some devices do not have this option. You can then install the
Screen On app from the Android Play Store.

In the Settings of your Android device, you need to turn off the Screen lock. This way, the app will always be visible immediately after the Android device is turned on.

    Settings > Security > Screen lock > None

Before you can install the App, you must check Unknown sources:

    Settings > Security > Unknown sources

Download the latest version of the App to your device by clicking on the text below.

Download the App

By downloading the App, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.

For security reasons Android will not install the App on its own. Therefore, first open the notification screen (usually by moving your finger down from the top of the screen). Now click on the just downloaded "apk" file, and declare that you agree to the installation.

After the installation and startup of the App, you only need to enter the previously mentioned APP code, retreived via Device Manager on the Don't Forget It...! website.

It is recommended to uncheck the option unknown sources after installation for the security of your device.