What does it cost?

You have been registered and might have been able to get to learn Don't Forget It..! Maybe you will register after reading this page. On this page various financial alternatieves are given with respect to the system.

User License

For the use of Don't Forget It..! requires a user license. In addition, a digital photo frame, an iPad, an Android tablet or a screen or TV with HDMI input is required.

The availability of a wireless network determines which version of the digital photo frame or tablet you can use. If a wireless network is available, the Wi-Fi version is sufficient, otherwise the 3G version is required. In this case, a mobile subscription must be purchased. This must be arranged directly via the mobile operator. You must be sure of 3G reception at the location where the photo frame or tablet will be placed.
If you want to use a screen or TV with an HDMI input, you can use a MiniX Neo G5 (see also the tab 'Alternative: a larger screen').

You can purchase the tablet for Don't Forget It..!, as well as the monthly subscription to use, see the '
To buy' tab. You can also rent the photo frame, see the 'To rent' tab.