How does it work?

By a simple agenda on a computer or mobile telephone caretakers can put in appointments and other occupations. The result is that a number of appointments will be shown in a presentation stream on a
digital photoframe, an iPad, an Android tablet, a TV or any other monitor.
To be able to use the Don't Forget It..! system, one should register

The system

For each appointment (or any other event) you complete date, time period, content of the appointment, location, any additional information - to be shown on the day of the appointment - and you can add a photo, logo or pictogram.

The system has been developed to show "Today", "Tomorrow" or "The day after tomorrow" for appointments on the day itself, the other day or even one day later. For some people this information is very valuable. Evenso a day counter is shown, indicating how many days it will take before an appointment takes place. On the day of the appointment additional information can be shown, like moment of pick-up or clothing instructions. The carer can set exactly the period an appointment needs to be shown, whilst also the time can be set that an appointment is uniquely shown a certain time before that appointment. Of course a simple picture with the current date and the current time can be selected as well as the weather forecast for the next three days.

Recurrent appointments can be set and conflicting appointments - when more carers use the system - will be prevented. Cancellations are done within seconds.

The simplicity of the Don't Forget It..! system is the continuous presentation of upcoming events enabling a forgetful person to see events more times per day when the photoframe, iPad, tablet or monitor is placed on a locations frequently seen by this person.
Consequent use of the system by the carer is important: than only the forgetful one can rely on the photo frame.