Don't Forget It..! on an Android tablet

Don't Forget It...! can be installed on an Android tablet in two ways. The operation is like with a digital picture frame. This means that touching the screen does not affect the performance and that the program continues as normal.

Below is described in which two ways Don't Forget It...! can work on an Android tablet.

1. You can use an
Android App.
This Android App does not only work on an Android tablet but also on an Android Smart TV, Android TV-Stick or an Android Mini computer, such as a Minix. The App makes the tablet work completely identical to a digital photo frame. In other words, images generated to send to a digital photo frame are, in the case of the App, used to show on a tablet.

2. You can use a
browser environment on the Android tablet.
For exisiting users once in a while a disadvantage of Don't Forget It...! was that only once every 5 minutes current images were sent to the digital photo frame or the app. Because of the limitation of generating pictures, the texts on these pictures were not always neatly aligned either. In addition, the pictures with the clock on them (analogue, digital or written out in full) were not always 'on time'. This is solved in the browser environment.

You can see both solutions below.