User experience

Some experiences and reactions of users and / or their family memebers.
  • We want to point out again that we have given him the opportunity to continue living in his own home for at least one year longer, thanks to the frames my father had in both his living room and bedroom. Thank you very much, we will never forget this.
  • My mother is very happy with the system. It has a positive effect on her mind; being beyond all expectations! Now that she knows again what day it is and if there are people coming along, at what time and what they are coming to do, it creates a lot of rest. Shortly before she got the frame at home, she quite suffered from depression. The GP and other care providers expressed concerns, as it seemed that the medication for depression did not result in improvement. Thanks to the frame is the mood is super good and she accepts the help of several people passing by; even better than before. It is truly a godsend! Thank you again.
  • I want to thank you for being able to use this great system. Should it happen that there is a need for this system again, I will contact you. Thank you also for your support.
  • We would like to thank you for this great system, it has been very profitable. We also have promoted your system in the past year.
  • I would still like to mention that the picture frame was an outcome for my mother and her children the time that her Alzheimer's was not so bad. A good invention!
  • ...; but as I said in the short time we have had a lot of pleasure from the Pix-Star photo frame - she has praised everyone about it who came along!
  • My father calls the system his buddy.
  • I want to thank you for the good care and a fantastic developed concept. My mother and we have had a lot of profit of the system. I will promote, where possible this system.
  • A system that should not be missed if you want to continue to live at home as long as possible. It gives extra security and confidence for the person with dementia and relieves partly the caregiver. Provides guidance when an agenda is not working. We have used the system over 2.5 years. Partly thanks to this system our mother could remain living at home. The screen gives recognition, structure and regularity. Adjustable by us remotely (through Internet). Super !!
  • It was a nice tool, thank you.
  • We want to thank you very much for the time she could enthusiastically enjoy the system. We will continue to recommend it in the future.
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