To buy

The tablets that we currently use and the Minix we sell for the following prices:

€ 200.00 for the WiFi version,
€ 210.00 for the sim card version and
€ 100.00 for the MiniX Neo G5.

A subscription at Don't Forget It..! is € 12.50 per month with a minimum contract period of 6 months. If you choose to use the Don't Forget It..! system for a period of one year and you pay once, the price including tablet are as follows:

€ 335.00 for the WiFi version,
€ 345.00 for the sim card version and
€ 235.00 including the MiniX Neo G5.

After one year one can decide how to extend the subscription.

All amounts include 21% VAT.

The order and payment can be effected by clicking here.

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